E108 - The Massive Attack

Welcome back trance and Techno lovers! this episode is very very massive, full of  important trance and techno tracks that are uplifiting and shaking dance floors arround the world.

Stay tune and enjoy the massive atack from Area55 with the episode number 108!


[00:00] Intro
[01:01] Woody Van Eyden, Rene Ablaze, Cari - Lovin' You (Lucas Deyong Extended Remix)
[03:25] John Meva - Underwater (Extended Mix)
[06:20] Area55 - Miami 5am (Original Mix)
[10:04] Space 92 - Robot (Original Mix)
[13:21] Jason Nawty, NG Rezonance - Madame (Extended Mix)
[19:21] Paul Denton - Tremor (Extended Mix)
[22:56] Joyhauser, Eli Brown - Drop It Down (Extended Mix)
[26:23] Andrea Scopsi, Awii - Eternity (Extended Mix)
[28:49] Drunken Kong - Higher State (Original Mix)
[32:47] Lilly Palmer - Hare Ram (Extended Mix)
[36:59] Jordan Suckley - Frenzy (Argy (UK) Extended Remix)
[39:21] John Askew, Shelby Merry - Steady & Stronger (Extended Mix)
[44:14] Amelie Lens - Breathe (Original Mix)
[47:18] Renegade System - Consciousness (Extended Mix)

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