E106 - Raw Melodies

Dive into the sonic universe of uplifting trance and hard trance with Episode 106 of the Global Trance Podcast with Area55!

We're cranking up the intensity and enhancing the hard side of those perfect melodies, seamlessly blended with earth-shaking bass that will reverberate through your soul. Brace yourselves for a journey that transcends boundaries and elevates your trance experience to new heights! 

Join us as we explore the intersection of melodic euphoria and raw energy.


[00:00] Intro
[01:01] Armin van Buuren, Just_us - Make It Count (Extended Mix)
[05:23] John Meva - Resolve (Extended Mix)
[09:16] Kenny Palmer - Hammerfall (Extended Mix)
[13:51] Lost Knowledge - Delirium (2023 Remastered Version)
[17:43] Tom Exo - Pretty Lies (Original Mix)
[23:11] Jackob Rocksonn - The Presence (Original Mix)
[27:22] Luca Antolini, Andrea Montorsi - Voice Of Dream (Extended Mix)
[32:11] BK - You Are The Master (Extended Mix)
[36:21] Lucas Deyong - We Can Be Free (Extended Mix)
[40:52] SHVDZ - Do My Thing (Extended Mix)
[44:14] Andrea Montorsi, Renegade System - Feel the Music (Extended Mix)
[49:12] Renegade System - Grid (Original Mix)

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