E102 - Unleash the Bassquake

Welcome again!

Are you ready to take your trance experience to the next level? Get ready for a sonic adventure like no other with the Global Trance Podcast by Area55. In this electrifying Episode 102, we're diving deep into the world of heavy-hitting beats that transform trance into the ultimate rave music.

Join us as we drop the bass, ignite the dancefloor, and let the beats resonate through your soul. It's time to redefine the essence of true rave music with a tracklist designed to make you move.

Turn up the volume, let loose, and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding rhythms that are about to set your world on fire. Episode 102 of the Global Trance Podcast is here to bring the party to you!

Unleash the Bassquake!

[00:00] Intro
[01:01] Sara Landry - Legacy (Area55 Copenhagen Intro Edit)
[03:02] Sam Laxton - Into Me (Extended Mix)
[08:05] Asteroid - Rapture (Extended Mix)
[13:10] Le Shuuk, B-Stylezz - Konje (Extended Mix)
[15:57] Jan Johnston, Johan Gielen, Svenson & Gielen feat. Jan Johnston - Beachbreeze - Remember the Summer - (David Forbes Extended Remix)
[19:40] N-sKing, Thomas Lloyd - Chemical Future (Extended Mix)
[23:04] Ryan K - Tech - Trance, Bass & Speed (Extended Mix)
[27:08] Mark Sherry - Triquetra (Peetu S Extended Remix)
[30:47] Inertia - The Chamber (Greg Downey Extended Remix)
[36:57] Allen Watts - Set Me Free (Original Mix)
[41:49] Jordan Suckley - Warp Speed (Extended Mix)

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