E96 - The Outdoor Rave

Welcome to the alternative world of raves, a place where vibrant energy and pulsating beats take center stage. Step outside the mainstream and immerse yourself in the realm of 142 BPMs, where trance and hardstyle skeptics need not apply. 

Here, diversity reigns supreme, and the fusion of unique genres creates an unparalleled sonic experience. 
Join us on this exhilarating podcast journey as we explore the unconventional and celebrate the spirit of musical rebellion. 

This is Global Trance Podcast with Area55 - Episode 96:

[01:01] Adam Dixon - U Can Hide (Extended Mix)
[05:52] Rene Ablaze & Ria Joyse - Choice (Extended Mix)
[11:30] Mark Sherry - Space People (Extended Mix)
[17:22] Ronski Speed & Dreamy - Repeat (Extended Mix)
[21:29] Technikal - Cubik (The District5 Dirty Extended Remix)
[26:26] Kenny Palmer & Chris Jennings - Nerve (Extended Mix)
[30:15] Lucas Deyong - In To Space (Original Mix)
[33:59] Leather Oud · Part Time Killer - Leather Oud
[37:35] James Dymond - System Ready (Extended Mix)
[41:23] Renegade System, David Rust - All You Give (Original Mix)
[45:02] Creative Destruction (Scot Project Remix)

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