E94 - Much More Techno Influence

 Welcome to the episode 94 - Much More Techno Influence

That episode celebrates all techno influence into trance music until 90s and now with the new wave of techno-trance and trance-techno tracks released and played on raves and clubs.

Enjoy the difference:

[01:01] Hardwell, Maddix & 4 Strings - Take Me Away 2023 (Extended Mix)
[04:49] TRYM - Beyond Light (Original Mix)
[09:00] Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade (Hypnatos Remix)
[11:34] RAM & Garderffi Feat. Diana Leah - Turn Back The Time (RAM's 3AM Extended Mix)
[18:04] EverLight & Tasso pres. The Resistance - Freakin' (Extended Mix)
[24:33] Haikal Ahmad - Dark Stories (Extended Mix)
[29:28] Woody van Eyden & Alex Kudrow - Just Bounce Up (Extended Mix)
[34:37] Ben Nicky x Distorted Dreams - Adagio For Strings (Extended Mix)
[37:58] DJ Kim - Jetlag (Ben Gold & Allen Watts Extended Remix)
[42:32] Derb - Derbus (David Forbes Remix)
[47:23] Scot Project - G2 (Good Times)
[52:56] Marco V - GODD (Mark Sherry Extended Remix)

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